A chillaxin weekend it was! That is, if you count Saturday as the start of the weekend (and not Friday night). It was a lazy sleep-in-till 7:15 kind of a day with waffles, fruit & coffee. If it wasn’t for our friends Greg & Tasha calling to get us out of the house & out to the Poker Boat Run we probably would have still been in our pajamas much past the lunch hour.

The Poker Run; how to describe? it’s basically a big boat party, with each boat stopping at one of 9 stops to collect a playing card. After hitting all the stops, whomever has the best hand wins the run. Most of the boats were cigarette boats; very much the look at me speed boat where you sit in rows, much like an airplane. The crowd: 30+. The attire: the less the better. The women mainly wore heels, denim shorts with a belt and a neon string bikini. Most had bad silicone. The men: dark dark, oiled, and puffy from all the protein shakes. It was the love child of Miami Vice & Jersey Shore. Still, fun to watch to the people.

We hit the running club that night for their annual prediction/election run/cook-out/pool party. The prediction run works like this: You predict your 5k time. You run said 5k sans electronic device (even the clock at the finish line is turned around so you can’t see it). The winner is not who comes in first, but whose predicted time was closest to their actual finishing time. Cute idea although I sat out and watched (Having run 6mi the day prior and gearing up for 16, it was my running sabbath).

Which brings us to 16 miles! It was my first true true long run since falling & tearing up my hands and knees on mile 0.5 of 14. With the heat & humidity, we meet at 0530 (which requires waking up at the ungodly hour of 0415 so I can eat, drink coffee, run to the bathroom, and then drive on out to meet the crew). Thank goodness April had a flashlight; you know it’s early when you have to run with a flashlight!

It took 2:32:56 to finish, average pace of 9:34. (This isn’t too shabby for me at all. I think last year I was training in the 10-11 min/pace and ran the MCM at a 9:59 pace.) The problem is the pacing. Lately I’ve noticed that my paces seem to be all over the pace. Anywhere from 9:11-10:05. Which I guess isn’t so bad, and considering that my final mile was faster than first mile, I can’t complain. But what do I have to do to get 16 negative splits? and 18? and 20? and then 26.2???

Anyways, if I didn’t have Caroline there the first 5 miles and April for the remaining 11, it would have been a sad, ugly run. Instead it was a sweaty, smelly run 🙂 Followed by an ice bath with not one, not two, but THREE bags of ice (to keep the water cold–it’s so warm here that the water comes out of the tap luke warm, causing the ice to melt pretty quicky).

And now I’m out on the back porch enjoying the breeze, a beer, trying to blog and thinking of dinner before having to go in to work tomorrow. Funny how you crave beer & carbs after a long run (or is it just me). Planning on making this deliciousness for dinner tonight…

pasta, greens, tomatoes

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