One Week

That’s the amount of time it’s been since I’ve gone running.

Can you say frustration?  Anxiety?  Depression (I’m not in a dark hole yet, but I’d be lying if I said there weren’t any tears).

After my 18 mile run last week my right leg was bothering me.  Not achy, but PAINFUL.  It said, “HI! I’m your right leg, and before now you never realized how much work I did to keep you standing upright!”  I hadn’t done anything different (there was stretching post run, an ice bath, and that night I iced and tiger balm-ed).

Monday felt a little odd, Tuesday morning I was still kind of limping, but by the end of the day I felt better, and Wednesday felt great.  Wednesday early evening I tried to go running wearing, of all shirts, the one that my in-laws gave me saying, “Catch me if you can.”

That’s what happens when you wear taunting shirts.  You fail.  I started the run and it felt like someone was taking a hammer and slamming it up my leg.  Every step on the right foot was wince-worthy.  I stopped.  I hobbled.  I started again.  Repeat.  Out and back to my house for a grand total of 0.5 miles.

I wanted to cry.  I iced again.  woke up the next morning.  pouted.  and by 9:30am, decided I probably should call for an appointment with a doc (side note-is it a nurse thing or a runner thing, this fear of going to the doctor?).  Next available appointment?  one full week.

So I haven’t run since.  My knee, I think has started to feel a little bit better.  Ryan brought me a change of clothes last night after work so we could get some pizza and beer and watch some football: t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers.  Normally I kind of make it a point to only wear sneakers for running.  It’s not necessarily a fashion thing (ok, maybe it is), but I really have no need to wear sneakers when sandals, Sperry, or wedges work so well.  The point of all this is that after working my second 12 hr shift, I suddenly felt normal wearing sneakers.

So of course today I had to try and wear the sneakers again.  AND I think I felt ok.  Half way through the day I realized: something similar to this happened last year.  Last year my hip/leg hurt so much at the start of my 18miler that Caroline, one of the ladies I run with, quite literally sent me home to rest.  When I started running again, I had changed to my favorite shoes, survived, and ran the Marine Corps Marathon.  Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I’m hoping this can be a matter of changing out my shoes.

Of course, it could all be related to that fall I had 6 weeks ago, which left me looking like this at the end of 14 miles

stupidity: running 13.5 miles after a fall

My left hand looked like road rash for weeks.  My right hand looked like it had a stage III pressure ulcer.  My left knee had chunks of skin out.  My right knee looked like a puncture wound.  During the fall, all I thought was, “MY FACE IS SO CLOSE TO THE GROUND RIGHT NOW”  (the ladies I ran with actually thought I hit my head).  Anyways, my right knee still has a funny bump on it.  Suspicious.

This pain may be related to the fall.  But if it was, would I really have been able to go salsa dancing, run 16 miles pain-free before running 18?  During the break in the rain today I wanted to try to go for a 2 mile jog, but Ryan wouldn’t allow it.  I work tomorrow & Tuesday and have a class on Wednesday morning, so fingers crossed I’ll know more on Wednesday afternoon.  If there’s a runner’s prayer out there though, please say it and send it my way.  I would really like to see Chicago….

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