Finally finally finally, I received my Chicago Marathon confirmation ticket/packet in the mail!!

Which means, I finally finally finally have a bib number!!   It doesn’t matter that I have a registration confirmation email, that I’m receiving the chicago marathon email updates, or that I’m actually training for the marathon.  A marathon never feels official until I know my bib number.

We now have plane tickets and we booked another hotel room for a few days after the marathon, right on the Magnificent Mile (I hope it’s a decent location….).  And people (friends, co-workers, running club members) know I’m running the marathon.  So between all of that, there is no turning back now.  Hear that bad right leg?  Do. Not. Fail. Me.

While my leg failed me on Saturday morning, on Sunday it managed to carry me for another 20 mile run.  After the run my leg felt better than after the 20 miler from the prior week.  And the next day at work I really wasn’t limping much at all.  Not to say that I wasn’t aching….

Anyways, since I had to work monday-tuesday-wednesday, today was the first day since 20 mile Sunday that I was able to go out for a run again.  I ran 5 miles.  it was ok.  It’s really hard to look at my watch and see that I’m working at a 10:15-10:30 pace, when this past year I was comfortable at a 9:30 pace.  It’s frustrating.  I keep hearing how Chicago is a ‘fast & flat’ type of course, and just a few weeks ago on our 16 or 18 mile run April made the comment that she thought for sure I would break 4 hours.

At this point, it’s pretty doubtful that breaking 4 hours will happen.  But after talking to some of the older runners in the club, they’ve reminded me (for the most part) to run this for fun.  It’s not a race (at least not for me), and here’s the hardest part:  Do not compare this time with my other times.  I’m running for the experience.  I will be running with 44,999 other individuals who love to run, who respect their bodies, and who understand the mental & physical connection of long distance running.

Ok.  I just got all hippy & philosophical and quite honestly, probably sound ridiculous.

Moving on.  Wish me luck as I go and get my haircut….need to get ready.  I am going somewhere new, and I don’t know a single person who has been to this salon or stylist.  Here’s hoping I don’t end up with the typical short hair cut of women that live in the south (aka, the 8-kid kate)

do. not. want.

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