The Whirlwind Weekend

What a wonderful weekend we just had!  Alex & Jenna were getting married in Pennsylvania, and what better excuse to travel than that?

We left early early on Thursday morning.  6:00am flights are probably only a good idea if you leave near the airport.  We live an hour away from the airport, so we have to leave by 4:00 to get there by 5:00…..which made for a 3:00ish wake up call to shower and dry my hair (side note-my hair cut is much shorter than I anticipated and doesn’t really sleep well).

Anywho, the flights were uneventful (I slept).  I had a windowless window seat on the first leg of the trip…

the windowless window seat, just in front of the smelly airplane bathroom

We landed in Baltimore and met up with Kara & her adorable son Victor at Annapolis Town Center for lunch at Paladar; modern, slightly americanized latin food.  and omg, was it good.  I had their version of the ropa vieja, which is a literal translation of ‘old clothes.’  It’s basically a shredded flank steak, but when my mom used to make this for us, as a kid I really thought she went out and shredded old clothes.  Oh, and can we just say that the mojito was one of the best ever?

you should be jealous

After the world’s best mojito, we window shopped before having to separate.  Bwah bwah bwah!  Did. Not. Want. To. Leave.  But….it was 3:00 and we still wanted to head to Delaware to check on our place & see Kristin, another nursing school classmate.

hello, farmland!

The drive from Annapolis is pretty uneventful and boring (lots of farmland).  Before leaving Annapolis we stopped at the Baltimore Tea & Coffee shop for some coffee and the most exciting part of the drive is going over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.  This bridge used to scare the heck out of me (and recently I had a dream that we fell over the bridge and cannonballed into the water).  In actuality, on a clear day it’s beautiful to go over and see all the sailboats.  There really weren’t any sailboats to see on a Thursday afternoon though.

When we finally made it to Delaware, we checked on our house, which thankfully is still standing with all windows & blinds in one piece.  The yard was kept and there was even a wreath on the door, so at least the renters are making it a home (and hopefully not trashing the inside).  lauren & beau, our neighbors were home and we caught up for a bit before they had to leave for their son’s football practice.

And finally FINALLY we got to meet up with Kristin, who was ready to deliver at. any. moment.  She had worked her last midnight shift earlier that night, at full term, and looked amazing.  Her husband Chip came home and we all headed out for dinner at Jasmine’s, which when we were in Delaware was one of our favorite places for dinner (the food was consistent, the atmosphere always good, if not occasionally great).   Talking about books, work, babies, tv shows, vaccines, travel, food, news stuff…..and I forget what else.  Laughing a lot.  Hanging out with Kristin & Chip made me wish we could stay an extra day (or two or three) in Delaware.   Who am I kidding?  This day confirmed that I wanted to move back to Delaware.

Kristin looking amazing just days before delivery, me looking ragged after a marathon travel day. I love this girl!

When it got tearful we had to leave.  This was all day one and we still hadn’t even made it to PA to the hotel for the wedding.  We made it, we slept, we woke, saw Alex, the groom before leaving for breakfast.  We caught up with him for a bit, got some grub (challah french toast!), and took the local roads (beautiful) to my mecca, King of Prussia Mall.  I always appreciated this mall, but now that I have virtually no shopping options, I was salivating at the opportunity to just walk through a clean mall.  And shop I did.  Ever hear about dieters that go off their diet and binge?  I went on a shopping binge after spending the last year or so as a virtual born again shopping virgin.  To be fair, everything was on sale, except for the clothes from H&M (winter miniskirt, jacket with elbow patches, high-waisted pants, boat tee) and the Spanx from Nordstrom (which got all cut up on the dance floor later that evening-boo).  Even the bracelet from Bloomingdale’s was 30% off.  The black super skinny pants from gap was 20% off (I thought they were 50% off…no such luck).  I had a $10 coupon in the computer system for these shoes at DSW.  I discovered a matching bra/underwear set at Nordstrom that was on sale so I had to buy it (for Ryan….right?).  And then, I made the mistake of walking into kate spade.

I always walk into kate spade.  but I never.  EVER. walk out with a purchase (my eyeglasses are kate spade, but they really were the only pair that looked half way decent on me…..and I got them from the ophthalmologist’s office-there’s no fun in buying kate spade from an office!).  Anyhow, everything there is absolutely adorable, and as I made my way to the back, I saw a beautiful, classic handbag.  I won’t even call it a purse.  It’s ladylike.  black.  handles (no strap).  I held it.  put it back.  looked for the price tag.  couldn’t find it.  I put it back again and looked at the smaller sister bag.  It was marked down to $115.  it was ‘eh.’  I picked up The Handbag again.  Found the tag.  and it was marked down 50%.  I loved it.  I walked to the mirror.  Fell In Love with this bag.  The last purse I bought was two years ago….so……I walked out with this purse (in black).  It makes me want to wear heels, an A-line skirt, or a skirt with maroon tights and pumps.  It’s just so darn ladylike.

After that I didn’t even care that I hadn’t walked through every store.  I was near broke and it was wedding time!

before the ceremony-the first wedding where I wear black...

It was such a beautiful wedding; one of the first that truly made me teary-eyed.  The moment we walked inside for the reception, the rain and dancing started.  We got to finally catch up with Megan & BJ (Megan is another nursing school classmate), and of course, I finally got to see and hug and dance and hug again with Jenna.  Who was so darn pretty that night.  I have no photos to share because our camera only managed to take a handful of photos before essentially dying (and my phone wouldn’t fit in my purse with the defunct camera.  FAIL!).

The next morning was breakfast with Meg, BJ, Jenna, & Alex before heading off to Annapolis (again) for my favorite sandwich: apple & brie at The Big Cheese.  We had a picnic lunch on the water before getting back into the car and heading to an area just outside DC in Virginia to see Ryan’s brother, wife, and our 3 nieces & nephew.  So much fun!  Those kids are great and I can’t get over that one is already driving!  It really makes me feel like an old maid to be 31 without even one in tow.  We watched the gator game (but I went to bed shortly after the QB got injured).  And the next morning I left for an 8 mile HILLY run.  to top it off, the temperature had dropped maybe 20*.  It was cold and damp, and I only brought a shorts and a tank top to run in; thankfully Kathryn (oldest niece) let borrow a shirt that I wore over the tank.  but man were my legs red after that run, and even now, I have shin splints SHIN SPLINTS from a hilly run (it’s flatter than flat here in Florida).  We were able to stay long enough to see the first half of Adam’s youth soccer game before heading home; so funny to see little kids playing soccer, especially since they (the 8 year olds) and me (the adult) know so little about how to play the sport.

The entire trip was way too short.  It made me realize how much I missed all my friends and family, and how grateful I am for all of them.  Vowing here and now that I will not wait for another big event to meet up with them.  Life is too short to wait for a reason to go see friends.  You go see friends to spend time, laugh, and pick up where you left off!  What other reason could you need?



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  1. Good luck on the race too! Sounds like you’re busy getting ready and with life! It’s going to be awesome! 🙂

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