here goes nothing

So way back when, a few friends mentioned they were going to sign up for the Chicago Marathon.  “Yeah yeah, that’s cool,” I said, “but I don’t know….that’s a big committment”  (somehow signing up for the Marine Corp Marathon 2 years in a row wasn’t?).

Then two specific friends, April & Robyn had a whole conversation on facebook about trying to get me to sign up for the marathon.

Just say no apparantly only works for drugs & alcohol.  Arm twisted, I signed up.

And man, has this been a rough training year!  My running had improved so much in the past two years….I was finally running 9 minute miles more consistently, and then I took a nasty spill that had me off my feet for about a week.  Then, 4 weeks later my knee/leg started giving me major issues, so much so that I put in a call to the doc.  With a purely physical exam, he said I was good to run Chicago, just no 10 mile daily runs (no worries, I might be crazy, but not that crazy).

My weekly mileage in the past 4 weeks has gone down to a minimum due to the discomfort in my knee/leg.  I’ve stuck with a long run and a short run in the week with cycling & weights on the other day(s) to compensate for the missed mileage.  And between all the traveling we’ve been doing, I’m lucky to get two runs in one week.  (Last week I did a 12 miler and a 8 miler a week apart and used the eliptical machine at the hotel gym in between).

Yesterday I ran 4 slow, shady miles after having 3 cups of coffee and felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest.  Note to self:  never have 3 cups of coffee right before a run.  Hopefully this running thing is like the piano recital thing:  bad practice (run) = better performance when it counts.

I’ve spent part of yesterday & today reading old chicago race recaps, and searching the internet on how Ryan can best find me during (and after) the run.  It’s making me nervous, reading how everybody hates the second half of the course (duh); how there’s a wall at mile 20 (duh); the weather.

Speaking of weather….it’s going to be kind of warm.  Thankfully it’s not slated to be 2010 warm, and for once I am incredibly grateful for the fact that I live and trained in the Florida heat (the high is expected to be 77* with 65% humidity).  My 5:30 am 20 milers were probably starting at 70* with 80% humidity.  So fingers crossed the weather won’t be a problem for me (side note:  tank top or under armour tee?


so…..I guess I walked away from the computer for, oh, 6 hours.  Anyhow….name on new tank (bringing the old tee just in case I change my mind).  Bags are packed.  Nerves on fire.  I just need to remember NOT to compare these times with older times.  Just going for the experience.  just going for the experience.  just going for the experience (the more I say it the more I hope I can believe it!)

Fingers crossed I can do this thing!


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