The Rest of Chicago

Chicago wasn’t just about marathoning.  Since neither one of had ever made it to the windy city, we wanted to make a vacation out of it.

After walking back to the hotel from Grant Park after the run, it was time for the dreaded ice bath.  A note:  ice baths in Florida aren’t so bad because the water coming out of the tap isn’t that cold (since we don’t see anything less than 75* in the summer).  But in Chicago the water came out at a nearly frigid temperature and having to sit down in the water was painful, as was the dumping of the ice.

I really wanted to take a nap, and I tried to relax, but found it impossible.  First I had to call my parents again, and Ryan’s parents since they had both been talking to Ryan throughout the race.  Ryan had my phone during the race and was updating my fb status, and so of course I was looking at the updates and all the comments.  Next thing I knew, it was time to meet up at Lou Malnati’s for some deep dish pizza & beer.

My head was KILLING me (probably because I had a headache the night before, I didn’t wear sunglasses the entire day, and I had a beer so soon after the race), but the food and company were delish. (side note-our table was UPSTAIRS.  which wasn’t as bad as having to leave and WALK DOWNSTAIRS POST MARATHON).  We started with the Malnati salad, bruschetta, garlic bread, and breaded mushrooms.  By the time our pizzas arrived (the lou and the classic), I think we were filling up.  The pizzas had to be 3 inches thick and were falling apart into a gooey mess.  It was good, but I’m not a fan of messy, and that’s exactly what these pizzas were.  But that Malnati salad?  I kept getting seconds and thirds-and that’s the last thing I crave following a long run!

After parting ways, Ryan and I found a place for some dessert and I eventually passed out around 1030.  Between the headache, the aleve from earlier before the run and the excedrin with dinner, I never got my post-marathon required tequila.  Didn’t even crave it.  But at least the headache went away (and my kidneys & liver were probably grateful).

Over the next few days we went to the art museum, the Frank Lloyd Wright house, a boat tour, Millennium Park, iO comedy club for the Armando Diaz Show (a must see), plus lots of walking and eating.  Some pictures-

from the bathroom of the Hancock Building. I have no shame.

Ryan snapped this while tracking me down on marathon day

Not sure what Ryan did to make her skirt billow up....

The Bean, Monday Morning

obligatory attempt at a self portrait

obligatory couple picture in front of the bean

Cinnamon Rolls from Ann Sathers. So wonderful.

Because one shot is not enough. and neither is one roll

Frank Lloyd Wright House

And did I mention we ate really really well?  Some french fare from Bistrot Margot, more italian at Rose Angelis, and of course the cinnamon rolls (you can actually taste the cinnamon) from Ann Sathers and the cupcakes from Sprinkles.

Now if only I could stop thinking about the food…

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