The Longest Mile

So the 10K that I regretted signing up for Saturday morning?  Naturally it turned out to be worth it.  We sat in the car right up to the start of the race, where I went back and forth on whether or not to keep my capris on or change into my cold weather leggings.  it was 43*, but with the cloud coverage and winds, it felt like it was in the 30s.

My decision was made when I realized that the line for the bathroom at starbucks was out the door (my windows aren’t tinted, and I was not about to give the man in the car next to me a free show).

Turned out to be a good decision.  Once I was standing amongst 1000 other bodies, it got warm pretty quickly.

The 10k and 5k started at the same time, and the people with strollers had the good sense to not crowd around the start.  The lady running with her dog had to stop short when Fido’s stomach got a case of…well, you can imagine.  I guess it’s not just humans that sometimes have GI issues when running…

Scott, one of the guys in the running club ended up next to me and we ran together for a bit before catching up to Jim.  Scott has gotten super speedy lately, and while I know I can usually hang with him (while sucking wind), I also knew that we would have to run over a bridge.  twice.  So I ended up sticking with Jim while Scott ran ahead.  My race plan is pretty much start slow & speed up, so, being a bit sure of myself, I figured I would catch up to Scott and pass him on the way back to the finish.

Heading up the bridge the first time wasn’t so bad, little did I realize it was because the wind was pushing us.  The people running the 5k had their turn around point at the base of the bridge, which obviously meant that as soon as they finished running over the bridge, they had to turn around it and run it again, back to back, just now,  into the wind.  At least with the 10k we ran on a flatter-than-a-pancake course for bit….

Anywho, Jim and I ran together and we saw some of the other members of the club already heading back (what does it feel like to run that fast??).  The turn around point felt like it was ways away, but eventually we made the tight turn around an orange cone and I was off.  Some people got chicked (stolen from nurse on the run-can you still chick people if you’re not super speedy?), but I could not catch up to Scott.  I kept looking for an orange shirt, and each one I saw seemed like it was really, really far away (for the record, that was no chance that I would catch up to Ryan….he is way to fast for me).  eventually it was time to loop around the base of the bridge and venture up over it, right into the wind.  it was brutal and I can’t imagine how it felt for the people who had double strollers (double strollers with children large enough to walk…).

The coolest thing:  I was still able to chick runners.  (there is a benefit to thursday night runs of that bridge!)

The way down was easy as pie, but what I figured would only be a 1.00 miles, no more than 1.1 miles to the finish was more like 1.38 miles.  The end was never where you thought it would be, and I was going based off of feeling, not my garmin.   Finally, I saw Ryan on the sidelines, which meant the end was close.  And sure enough, I saw the ‘chute,’ ran by Diana who was yelling out my name, and finishing in 54:13.

Not too shabby for the first 10k in nearly a year, the longest run since the chicago marathon, and a course that was anywhere from 6.38-6.45 miles.  The age group was 28-35, and I was 15/47.  nothing spectacular.  Per the electronic timing, which you think would be accurate, I reached the 1/2 way point at 24:31.  Sounds fishy to me, but if that’s what they want to give me, I’ll take it….

The Splits

  • Mile 1:  08:21
  • Mile 2:  08:31 (going up the bridge)
  • Mile 3:  08:32 (no excuse…the wind?)
  • Mile 4:  08:28
  • Mile 5:  08:55 (up the bridge, into the wind excuses, excuses)
  • Mile 6:  08:23
  • 0.38/mi:  08:43 (I always forget to turn off the watch.  oops!)

After the race there was your typical water, bananas, wings?  coffee?  and donuts??  Notice…..NO BEER.  Unless you pre-planned, which we didn’t..(our friend Ed had a cup from McDonald’s, complete with lid & straw.  But let’s be clear:  he wasn’t drinking iced tea.)

By 10:30 we were inside Buffalo Wild Wings drinking beer with friends, including Robin, who I haven’t seen since Chicago (was beginning to wonder if I needed to run another marathon out-of-state  in order to see her….)

No better way to start a weekend.

shady photo that I couldn't resize

There’s another race this weekend, tomorrow, which I’m debating.  I hear there really will be beer , so it just might be worthwhile.  Especially since at this moment, I’m sitting at home in my scrubs, placed on call.  Debating if I should go for a run (naturally I had already showered and dried my hair before getting the on call notice).  Ah, decisions decisions…

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