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this is your brain…

Remember all those efforts in grade school to ensure you would ‘just say no’ to drugs?  There were the posters, the assemblies, the red ribbon days.  Saturday morning cartoons were broken up with just say no to drug commercials, and … Continue reading

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10 miles = cookies and biscotti

With all this running talk lately, maybe I should just make this a blog about running and nothing else.  But I still don’t consider myself a real runner.  More on that later…. In the meantime, Ryan & I signed up … Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished!

Remember on Saturday I was running a 10k?  I was really hoping to beat 51:53, but naturally, as we were walking out the door I was already starting to psych myself out.  It didn’t help that my stomach decided it … Continue reading

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The Time To Beat

So in the tradition of posting the morning of a local race, here goes… This past Thursday was the Thursday night Road Hogs run.  The crowd has been pretty thin lately, but this past Thursday had a crowd of maybe … Continue reading

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Where oh Where

or maybe this should be titled what, oh what (have you been doing for the past month?!) So for whatever reason, I’ve been pretty lazy about blogging lately (among other things).  Not for doing nothing, that’s for sure.  I often … Continue reading

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