Where oh Where

or maybe this should be titled what, oh what (have you been doing for the past month?!)

So for whatever reason, I’ve been pretty lazy about blogging lately (among other things).  Not for doing nothing, that’s for sure.  I often leave working or leave get togethers or cook something and think, “I have to write about that.”  And then, you know what happens….I pick up a book, my head hits the pillow, I go for a run, I shower, I pick up a book…..

I haven’t even been reading my blogs from the blog feed.  What have I been doing??

There were a few local races…some local holiday parties, getting together with friends.  Did I even blog about cutting off all my hair (because I did.  cut. it. all. off-it’s sassy, and sporty, and a bit andrognyous).

There was traveling to the in laws, and having my husband’s in laws traveling to see us.

There was a tree to put up and take down.

There were gifts to wrap and unwrap.

And finally, of late, there’s been a lot of baking and cooking going on in this casa.

Ryan surprised me with one of those stand up mixer atrocities.  I always thought they were neat, but unnecessary.  and bulky.  and I always felt that the people that owned one just put it on their wedding registery because it was ‘the thing to do.’.

He saw the look of surprise on my face when I discovered what it was and he was quick to say, “you can return it if you want and we can just go shopping….I just didn’t know what to get you this year….”  (it didn’t help that there really wasn’t anything that I needed/wanted).

I told my co-workers about it asking, “but what am I supposed to do with it?  I don’t want it on the counter!”  And then I realized…..it didn’t have to go on the counter.  there’s plenty of places it can hide….The Wednesday after Xmas I finally took it out of the box.

it stands. and mixes. and shines. All at the same time.

And then, I made my one of these:

my first ever, everything is made from scratch, messy, truly home made chocolate cake

Your mouth can water.  The cake is gone….I only had one slice.  Not my thing.  but we’ll get there.  I have some cookie dough chilling in the fridge right now that I’ll let you know about, but for now (and, I’m slightly embarrassed to admit this), Edward & Bella of Twilight have taken over my life and I must finish the last 100 pages of book 4.  I’ll be back….

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2 Responses to Where oh Where

  1. Amanda says:

    I’ve always wondered what to do with one of those. My Mom swears by it…but I’m not much of a baker. Let me know how it goes. I haven’t gotten into the Twilight stuff…maybe I should.

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