The Time To Beat

So in the tradition of posting the morning of a local race, here goes…

This past Thursday was the Thursday night Road Hogs run.  The crowd has been pretty thin lately, but this past Thursday had a crowd of maybe 12 runners.  Due to some injuries and people moving away, I’ve become the lone female on these runs.  And since the runs start after dark, and I hate running alone in the dark (scared of falling, hence the nickname Crash, and I am the daughter of a retired Miami traffic homicide cop….), I am forced to either run at a slow, long pace, or try and keep up with some of the other guys.

So I try and pick up the pace.  As the group was snaking over the Brooks Bridge and through the Publix parking lot, I had Dave and Scott ahead in my view.  A mom was walking with some elementary age kids and I heard one of the girls say, “Look, finally!  There’s a girl on the team!  She’s going to win!”

I’d be lying if it didn’t bring a huge smile to my face, because as a young kid, I always admired the lone female on the sports team.

Anyhow, I eventually caught up to ‘Doctah’ Dave and we then caught up to Scott.  The three of us ran together, laughing, talking and the next thing I knew Dave was beginning to fall behind and Scott and I were speeding up, hitting a sub-8:30 here and there (that’s fast for me).

Back through the publix lot, it was time to hit the Brooks Bridge, which Scott was going to walk, and somehow I pushed my way up the bridge and I knew I wasn’t slowing down-unusual.  Ended up running 5 miles in 42 minutes + change, all negative splits.  I was pretty happy with the overall time, but when I got home that night and saw FIVE NEGATIVE SPLITS, I was ECSTATIC-because hello, the bridge at the end is not easy.


There’s a race today in Pensacola, a choose your own distance run (5k,10k, or 13.1), and a 5k/10k locally in Ft. Walton Beach, sponsoring a local ballet school.  I wasn’t going to do either one since I’m scheduled to run 10 miles this weekend (oh, we signed up for a 13.1 in March-more later).  One of the guys in club suggested running the 13.1 in Pensacola and just running 10 miles of it, but Ryan’s too cheap for that.  Plus, with some more people staying local and running the 5k/10k run, we decided to also stay local.  That and I’m still excited about Thursday’s run that I’m hoping I can tag on to someone who can carry me through the 10k.

The Time to Beat

Ironically, it was one year ago today that I ran that pensacola choose your own distance and truly killed it.  That’s another story for another day (running late here), but I ran that 10k in 51:53.  The last 10k I ran was looooong at 54:13.  I’m beginning to wonder if last year’s 10k was short, but it’ll still be in my head.  I’ll have to run a sub 8:20 pace consistently.  We’ll see.  Wish me luck!  Happy Saturday!

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