Mission Accomplished!

Remember on Saturday I was running a 10k?  I was really hoping to beat 51:53, but naturally, as we were walking out the door I was already starting to psych myself out.  It didn’t help that my stomach decided it didn’t  like the contents of the previous night’s dinner, making me take half a dose of Pepto (hey, if I was going to try to race this I had to think about the people downwind….and for my own humility).

Race day was beautiful…..45*, no wind.  I had planned on changing into a tank (to be worn with sleeves) before the start, but never put the tank in my bag, so ended up running in long sleeves.  ah well.  intentions.

Since I had just ran a solid 8:30 pace with a friend, I figured I would have him pace me….which was a good plan, except he was planning on running at an 8:30, not necessarily racing.

We started running slightly too fast, but what do I know about aiming for a PR?  The first two miles were at an 8:06 and 8:02 respectively.  We were still passing people, but I think we were both getting tired fast….that and I developed a side stitch-which I haven’t experienced in a long time.

Mile 4 wasn’t much better…an 8:22.  I slowed down to walk for some water, only because Scott did too and I really wasn’t sure about running etiquette here.  When you run with someone so they can help pace you, are you obligated to stick with them the entire time? Lucky for me, with just over 1.5 miles to go, he sent me on way, saying “try to get 50:00”

HA!  I was hoping for a 51:00, but off I went, lengthening my stride a bit, trying to mad to catch the guy ahead of me with the funny stride.  Mile 5: 8:07.

And that’s when the funny math happened (a la Chicago).  I was confident I would hit 50 minutes.  And maybe if it wasn’t for the fiasco known as “the last 0.5 miles involved dodging cars making u-turns on a two lane road for the pancake breakfast,” then maybe I would have hit 50 minutes…

well, that and I forgot that it wasn’t 6 miles, but 6.2.  After running around cars, I saw Ryan on the sidelines but was so tunnel focused that I didn’t even acknowledge him.  I saw 50:00 minutes on the clock, and crossed sometime around 50:28 or 50:30.  3 days later and I’m still waiting for the results to be posted, and when the winners were announced, they didn’t say the times).  I placed first in my age category, but I think there were probably only 3 people in my age category, so you know, small pond, few fish, etc…

I was supposed to run 10 that day, and Scott knew it and not even 3 minutes after finishing he was taking my banana and gatorade out of my hands and sending me off to run a 2 mile out and back.  I got lazy and ran only a 2.66 miles afterwards.  again, intentions.

Afterwords it was the typical lunch and beer.  and then the deepest, heaviest, best ever nap.  Couldn’t ask for a better Saturday.

Now if only I can bet 50:00…

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  1. WendyB says:

    OT: Thanks for the nice comment on the rings!

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