this is your brain…

Remember all those efforts in grade school to ensure you would ‘just say no’ to drugs?  There were the posters, the assemblies, the red ribbon days.  Saturday morning cartoons were broken up with just say no to drug commercials, and I’m pretty sure ABC may have had some ‘after school’ specials for those of us lucky enough to be latchkey kids.  As a kid, and let’s face it….even as an adult I never appreciated the commercial with the infamous phrase, “this is your brain….this is your brain on drugs.”

In fact, I think we often laughed at the commercial.

But after the past few days at work, without a doubt, the egg commercial hit home.  Half of my patients had quite honestly fried their brains and are most likely incapable of ever doing anything on their own, including feeding themselves.

It’s sometimes frustrating, caring for people who do something so incredibly stupid and senseless.  Remember folks, crack is whack.

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