il dolce far niente

The Sweetness of Doing Nothing

Forgive me, but I’m watching Eat, Pray, Love.  Again.  And so far the first half of the weekend can be best described by saying, ‘il dolce far niente,’ or the sweetness of doing nothing.


I was off Friday, and my friend Kelsey and I met up to pick up our race packets for the Double Bridge Run, hit Target, and grab some lunch.  I showed plenty of restraint at Target and only bought some greeting cards and Cetaphil…The restraint came from the fact that all the cute clothes were size L or XL.  Lame.  When I got home, I piddled around online, and made my way over to  Holy moly, it’s the mother of all “BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE AND NOW” for all things Vegas.   My Delaware bookclub friends will be meeting up in Vegas in March, and I was looking for some things to do: shows, clubs, dinners, etc.  We haven’t seen each other in nearly a year and a half, and I’m super psyched to meet up with everyone.  It will be epic….even if it involves just lounging by the pool sipping drinks (il dolce far niente).  After searching endlessly online and gnawing at my fingernails, I finally booked my flight.  It’s really happening.  I am going to Vegas.  I am going to vegas without the hubby, for a reunion with some of the sassiest, sexiest, smartest, and funniest people I know.

At 10:30pm, I finally decided to set my alarm, get ready for the double bridge run, and you know, get some shut eye.

I'm not kidding.


With my alarm blaring and ryan pushing my butt out of bed, I somehow managed to get dressed, eat some breakfast, drink some coffee and get out the door by 4:50.  We drove to Pensacola Beach, about 30 minutes away, got on a school bus and at 6:30 we were at the start, finding friends.  It was the first time I ever checked a bag, and it wasn’t as stressful or chaotic (then again, it’s a small race when you compare it to marathons….)

The Pensacola Beach Double Bridge Run is a 15k (if you’re sane you can opt for the 5k and run over one bridge).  It was a wave start and I put myself in the back of the 9:00 pace group.  This was going to be my practice run for the Rock n Roll New Orleans Half (I want to break 2 hours).  No race report for now, but over all, dare I say it?  The run wasn’t that bad.  Seriously…yes, I started slow.  Except for the 10-15 mph head wind, the weather was perfect.  My final time was 1:26:something.

After the celebratory post race food and beer, we headed home, exhausted.  No brunch….I think we were too tired to eat.  I slept heavyily, had lunch, and vegetated on the sofa with a book, a magazine, the computer, and coffee.  No complaints.

I do need to get up though.  Dinner with friends at a new-to-us restaurant!  And tomorrow?  A continuation of il dolce far niente with a pot of coffee, waffles, the sunday times, and of course, super bowl commercial watching with friends.

What do your most relaxing weekends look like?

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