Sub 8

My motivation for blogging today comes from the fact that I don’t want to get off this stool.  Because I’m sure my butt and legs are going to cramp.  Today was the running club’s Valentine’s 8K Kiss ‘Em To The Finish, and since we’re leaving town in a few months, I had to sign up (there’s a bucket list of local runs that I have to run).

Besides the unusual distance (an 8k is just shy of 5 miles), you can opt to run as a couple.  One member of the team wears the bib number and you have to cross the finish line together.

Which meant Ryan was my pacer.

One of my last 10k times was at a 8:07 pace, so we tried for an 8:00 min/mile pace, if not faster.

7:53 pace!

I think it’s safe to say we reached that goal.  (That’s Ryan’s new garmin.  I was so focused on just trying to breathe at the end that I forgot to hit ‘stop’ on my watch.)  Our first mile was 8:03, and we pretty much had all negative splits after that (one positive split, but with the 15-20 mph headwind and tiny hill, it’s more than acceptable).

Afterwords was the typical food and beer.  With mardi gras coming up, it seems like red beans and rice or jambalaya is the trendy post race fuel, and man was it good.  Carbs, protein, beer, friends, on the beach.  I am going to miss this place!

Sadly I work tomorrow (getting tired of this every other weekend business…..).  Thankfully we’re not racing next week.  I need the break (every weekend has been a speed workout!) and need to get a long run in before New Orleans.  Tonight:  low key dinner at home with Ryan.  And maybe a fire to boot!


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