It’s Been a While

Has it really been 6 weeks since I’ve logged into wordpress?  It took a few tries before I was able to log in.  That’s a sign that it’s been too long.  So, what’s happened since March 11?

I had a birthday.

32 vs 23. It's on!

Ryan invited some friends over, who for the most part, had never met each other.  It was a good showing.  Burgers, drinks, laughs.  Waking up the following morning for the first of three 12 hr shift was a bit rough, but I managed…

There was VEGAS

an innocent & innocuous shot

Vegas was planned for a reunion of about 8 gals.  But eventually there were only 3.  I’m not sure what it says about me, but can I just say that (after getting used to the casino noise/lack of natural light) I LOVED VEGAS.  Not that I would want to live out there, but a visit twice a year?  absolutely.  We stayed at Caesars.  There was laying out at the pool, shopping, a 9+ mile run, Seth Meyers, good dinners, good drinks, dressing up, dancing, flirting, and just feeling like an invincible 23 year old.   Every time I hear Fun’s We Are Young song, I think of our time at Vegas.

There was a CRUISE

My father in law had planned (and graciously paid for) a reunion style cruise.  Ryan’s parents (2) + me & Ryan (2) + Ryan’s oldest brother, wife, & 4 kids (6) + Ryan’s middle brother, wife, & 3 kids (5) + Ryan’s Aunt & her beau (2) = 17 (one of those 17 isn’t even two years old yet though).  We drove to Tampa on Saturday, set sail on Sunday, and went to Honduras, Belize, and made two stops in Mexico.  We saw ruins (the ancient Mayan ones and the more recent, destitute ones in Honduras & Belize), we zip lined, took a culinary class, and of course, ate and laid out along the boat.


So if you haven’t heard of the series that’s making ‘proper’ women blush, you need to get out more.  I started the book on my way to Vegas, and finished the final book on the cruise.  It’s not Jane  Austen, and if you asked me, I think Twilight was better written, but the books got (marginally) better as they went on, and if you can manage through the first novel, you’re sure to become addicted.  I thought for sure I would end up pregnant reading the book (I’m not).  As one women has been quoted, “you’ll need to change your underwear.”


So we were very fortunate and sold our house by owner.  It’s not my dream house by any means, but it’s a good house and I like what we’ve done with it and have small tangs of regret about not renting it out, but ah well.  Right before the cruise set sail, at the 11th hour, I polished off a glass of wine, reworked my essays, and submitted my application to grad school.  On the cruise I paid a whopping $0.75/min for the world’s slowest internet to check my email and see if they wanted me.  Sure enough on Thursday I saw that the school had emailed me earlier in the week to set up an interview.  I picked the later date they offered so I could interview in person…we were already planning on being in NJ to look for housing.

The interview went well, and I received an email this week informing me that a decision was made….after clicking link after link (that all said some form of the same thing…”a decision has been made….”), I received my acceptance email.  (Silly me, I had been racing to the mail box every day looking for a thick or thin envelope!)

So starting May 21st, I will be a grad student at the University of Pennsylvania’s Clinical Nurse Specialist program.  I’m excited, nervous, and anxious…kind of like marathon running (which for the first time in 3 years, I won’t be training for this summer as my name wasn’t drawn in the NYC 26.2 lottery).  I’ve yet to figure out how to actually pay for this program, which has caused many sleepless nights and headaches.  That and the typical, “am I doing the right thing?  will I be able to find a job?” etc.

And yes, we found a house in Cherry Hill, NJ.  It’s sensory overload, and I’m so excited to be moving to a city with a REAL newspaper that has more than one section.  We found a local running shop with group runs, and I found a running club’s website.   I’m excited now, but check in on me in October when it starts getting dark and cold out.  This Florida gal is going to have to get re-climatized!

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