Double Race Day = Twice the PRs

Saturday, after the PR that wasn’t (it was a marginally short course), and after gorging myself on wine and salad, there was a monumental 2 hour nap on the sofa (courtesy of a late night out and early morning race).  We headed over to Navarre Beach for the Sunset Stampede 5k.  Last year we ran this race and head a good time at the after party:  free food and beer, live music, dancing on the sand, etc.  It was a no brainer that we were going to run again.

The course was  different this year.  It ended at the same point, but started about 3/4 of a mile back, so while it was an out and back, we didn’t have to run ‘back’ as far.  Yes it’s still a 5k, but knowing that you have only a mile (if that) at the turn around point is a beautiful thing.

With nearly 600 runners, it’s one of the largest 5ks in the area (the one that morning only had 134 participants).  The road was pretty narrow, and I placed became placed myself towards the front.  That’s something I almost never do….and I nearly moved myself further back when I heard Rex, say, “man, guys are running 5 minute miles.”  Of course, those were the guys in the front line, and there was only one who ran at a sub 5 pace (olympic trials and dreams, no big deal).

Caroline convinced me that I was in the right place.  And who knows, maybe I was.  It was great not having to dodge walkers.  And I didn’t feel as if I was slowing too many people down behind me (but maybe all the walkers think that too….)

I felt like a started too fast, but because I had put myself towards the front, I especially didn’t want to slow down.  The course (like everything in florida) was pancake flat and fast.  A straightaway, a right turn, a turn around, the a sharp left back onto the main road again.

And when I started seeing the other runners coming back, that’s when I realized that either Ryan was running slower than normal or I was running faster than normal.  We saw each other and the next thing I knew it was the turn around point.

The run back to the main road was uneventful, but it felt like it dragged on forever.  I wasn’t sure of my pace, but I knew it was faster than 10 min/mile, and I knew I had less than a mile to go, so I kept telling myself, 5 more minutes!  300 seconds!  Don’t quit (because I actually contemplated just stopping for no reason other than pure laziness).

When the one girl that I was ‘running with’ dropped back, I got worried because I figured she was dropping to conserve energy for a sprint.  And I was right (either that or a completely different girl caught up to me at the end).  There’s a picture of me on the event website that shows me looking at her with a “damn bitch!” expression.  (it’s copyrighted so I can’t cut and paste it on this site).

Anyways, at 24:04, this happened:


Was it the wine?  the nap?  the compression socks that I bought with a gift card because I’ve always wanted to try them but never wanted to pay for them?  I don’t know, but it all worked out well enough for me.  It’s been a while since I ran in some 5k races….This past December I ran one in 24:41, and the other fast one I ran was a late night 5k race in June for a time of 24:16, the caveat being that I always tend to run faster late at night (maybe I’m scared of the dark?).

So two races, two PRs, and the second race was run faster than the first.  Shamefully, they were both full of positive splits.  Maybe I’ll be able to hit a sub 50:00 10k soon 🙂

Win some/Lose some!

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