How to-and how NOT to move…

disclaimer:  it’s an evolving post

I hate to get all military on  this blog, but it’s part of the adventure that I’ve ‘signed up for’ and it wouldn’t be fair-or honest- to just brush over and transition from life in Florida to life in New Jersey without the whole you know, process of moving.

We are quite literally in the middle of a move right now, aka a ‘PCS’ or ‘permanent change of station” for those civilians out there.  Our house is nothing more than a maze of boxes and furniture.

This is, I think, our third move as a couple.  Right after getting hitched, we went to Mississippi for a few weeks, and then to Altus, OK for a few months.  Then we made the move to Charleston, SC.  Not to get all Azlheimer’s on everyone, but I really don’t remember being stressed about that move.  We lived in TLF (temporary living facility?) for a few weeks before finding an apartment and eventually buying our first house.

Then there was my first Big Move:  the move where we had furniture that I was (and am) sentimentally attached. We moved to Delaware, and since we had no idea where we were going to live, we did a ‘partial dity’ or partial do it yourself move.  We packed all of our clothes (summer and winter), a dresser, a card table and chair, a mattress set & headboard/footboard, kitchen supplies, a couple of folding chairs, and a tv.  (funny story: after closing the overstuffed uhaul, we realized that the headboard & footboard were still in the garage, waiting to be packed.  We ended up putting them in the bed of the truck and carried them into-and out of-the hotel…)

The move to Florida wasn’t much different in terms of stress.  We had one moving company provide the estimate, one company do the packing, one company pack our belongings onto the truck.  Everything was put into storage and we stayed at a furnished apartment that had a monthly cost that was nearly identical to our mortgage.  A fourth and final company moved us in once we found and closed on a house.  I was convinced our stuff was going to pawned off to different parties.

For this move to New Jersey, we thought we finally did it right:  no unfurnished apartment, no furnished apartment.  Last month we took a trip up north and found a house to rent!  We were finally going to have a door to door move.

Or so we thought.

The driver came over yesterday to inventory everything (usually they do this the day of, but this guy is working ahead).  Most people would probably be excited to their driver say, “I’ll be able to deliver your goods to you on Saturday.”

Everyone would be excited except us.  As of right now, we can’t get into the house until WEDNESDAY.  So we’ve been frantically trying to get an early move in date cleared with the landlord/landlord’s agent, trying to get the gas and electric in our name.  NECESSITIES.

We’re hitting road blocks.  Hopefully it all works out, because honest to goodness, we can’t really afford for our stuff to go into storage on Saturday:  everything is packed.  pots.  pans.  75% of my clothing.  bedding.  dishes.  iron.  you get the idea….

Lesson learned?  overlap your move out and move in dates!

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