Two Months

So if I didn’t have any readers before, after a two month hiatus I certainly have even fewer readers now.


I wish I could say that I’ve been just sooooo busy that I dropped off the face of my own little silly blog of nothingness.  But really, aren’t we all so over that excuse anyhow?  Yes, I’ve been busy, but I still have time (occasionally) to catch up on some Housewives and Antique Roadshow action.

Anyways.  Before I get all cantankerous (too late?) let’s fill in.

The move happened.  The big news happened (which I’m still not ready to announce.  Maybe tomorrow.  maybe next week.  knowing me it’ll happen in a month or two!).  School started.  I cried and begged Ryan to let me drop out.  I passed my first test with a mid A.  I passed my second test with a perfect score.  Passed my first demo with an A.  And then I got lazy, studied half ass, caught up on a lot of re-reading (hello 50), and got a B on my third test. The relieved disappointment from avoiding all out failure…but it was so worth rereading 50.

What hasn’t there been?  much running.  Which I’ll explain later.  And I really really REALLY miss it.  That accomplished feeling of 8 miles down by 9am?  miss it.  The incredible power naps that accompany double digit runs?  miss it.  The big lunches accompanied by a celebratory beer that leave you perfectly satiated after a long run?  miss it terribly.

In time….but first let me get back on track, write a paper, have some lunch, and head to class.


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