Home Stretch

Relief!  My 12-15 page paper, which ended up with just over 15 pages of pure writing, (equaling out to be 25 pages total with additional requirements) is finished!

I’m not saying it’s well written, just that it’s finally, finally out of my hands.  At 9pm the night before it was due, I decided that I didn’t like how one of the sections was organized and figured it probably wasn’t what the teachers wanted, so I spent that glorious time of 9pm-1am, otherwise known as “getting ready for bed” and “sleep time” on revamping a section of the paper.  Hopefully it makes sense.

The Big Paper Aftermath

aftermath of The Big Paper

The primary care exam went better than the first exam (barely an A by the skin of my teeth).  Either it’s pregnancy or mid-semester fatigue, but when I got to a question I didn’t know, it was, “Ah well, what are you going to?  ‘C’ sounds good.”  None of that going back and forth, magical thinking mental musings.

For pharmacology we were allowed to bring in a 5×7 note card to help with the 70 question exam (learning all generations and types of cephalosporins plus a gazillion other antibiotics is a bitch).  The first question was easy.  Until you realized the answer you knew was right wasn’t even an option to select.  Then you said, “oh shit.”   (in fact, one girl kept muttering that over and over again during the exam….).  6 days after taking the exam, grades were finally posted.  I did extremely well on the exam.  The grades were pretty mediocre (I think), considering we could use an index card. Yet despite the fact that my grade makes me look like a pharmacist, I don’t feel like I really learned anything.  I learned how to make a really good index card.  But then I remember that there were quite a few questions on the exam where I couldn’t use my index card because the information wasn’t written out (like question 1).  Other times I would use the index card as a guide, but really had to think through the case studies.

Since that hellish week that involved the pharm exam, primary care exam, and Big Paper, I haven’t been motivated to do ANY WORK.  Which means next week is going to be rough.  We leave Thursday to see my parents and brother for Thanksgiving, so there will be minimal studying.  Next week is an Acute Care exam.  The following week is a pharm exam, primary care exam, a patient education project, and a small paper that shouldn’t be too difficult (neither of which I’ve started).

Clearly I should be spending more time working on that patient education project right now.  Or studying for pharm.  Or acute or primary care.  Or all three.

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