Week 31

I’m think I’m starting week 31 of this pregnancy today.

“You think?” said one of the nurses I worked with on Sunday.

It’s not that I’m not trying to keep track, but there hasn’t been much time for reading baby books, and sometimes I go a week or two without looking at the pregnancy app, and the next thing you know a week or two has gone by and you’ve lost count.

I was clearly a fool at week 10, 12, 14, 16, etc when I felt big, because now I feel like a hot air balloon.  At Thursday’s doctor appointment, the exam room had a digital floor scale.  Of course your first instinct upon stepping onto the scale is to look down to see the reading, which resulted in me yelling in a panic, “I CAN’T SEE THE NUMBER!  I CAN’T SEE IT!”  Yesterday I started to wonder where all the skin was going to after delivery.  Will it be like a built in bikini bottom skirt?  Ryan just shakes his head.

These are the things I think about.  Clearly there is something wrong with me.  Take last week…

Last week in Pharm, I said to my classmate, “I have to google what these contractions feel like. I’m not sure what’s going on inside, but this kid feels like she’s head-butting me or something.”

Google informed me that contractions feel like menstrual cramps.  Which I thought was odd.  Whenever I had cramps it was a long achy feeling in the pelvic region last hours.  How do you count long achy feeling?  Do women really have pulsating cramps?  (my classmate said yes, making me feel, once again, that there is something wrong with me.)

On Thursday at the physician’s office, the doc listened to the heart rate, commented on the shape of my uterus (“…a variant of normal…”), measured my uterus, and then said, “Ah, you’re having contractions!”

Really?  Because I didn’t feel anything….

So I’ve since become one of those women who almost constantly has her hands on her belly because, “I think I feel something!” (although Sunday at work I had what can only be described as a mega contraction.  It kind of felt like a charlie horse, but instead of it being my calf it was obviously the uterus.)

Otherwise, things are going well.  I officially can’t see my belly or changing shape anymore thanks to a recent episode that involved mopping (which I will never do again to avoid paper writing-I’ll blog instead).

That’s a lot of bad luck.

In other baby news, two weeks ago my nursing school classmates from Delaware got together for a lovely baby shower brunch and spoiled me to no end.  I thought we would be going out, but my friend really knocked herself out, setting up an incredibly table and making a delicious quiche, french toast, pastries and cupcakes.  It was 10 times better than any run of the mill restaurant and I loved seeing everyone all at once.

adorable and sweet table setting

Last week the spouse group spoiled me rotten with a baby shower.  I was really surprised at how many people came out and all the baby clothes, books, and stories they shared.  These are women that, because of my school schedule, I really haven’t gotten a chance to know very well, and they really did come together and help celebrate.  I am so grateful to be part of such a tight knit group!

The largest cake I’ve ever seen…the picture doesn’t do it justice.  and why does my face looks like a work of cubism?!

While I was at the shower with my mom, Ryan & my dad went to Ikea to buy a dresser and set up the furniture for the combined office & nursery.  The crib & dresser are put together.  The clothes are folded away.  Now we’re just working on completing the little stuff….like the stroller, the car seat, etc.

We’ve done pretty well (I think) on getting by on a budget (I’m working only one 12hr shift every other week and my GI bill funding is exhausted until 2013-2014).  With the exception of 3 long sleeve t-shirts and a long sleeve mock sweater dress from Target, all of my maternity clothes has been thrifted or consigned.  We found our car seat base at the consignment shop, along with some other baby wants or needs.  The ‘is it really necessary video monitor’ we wanted for $250?  we found a $170 version (same brand) on Craig’s List for $100.  We ‘stole’ it for $75.  We ordered the BOB stroller (that I think looks monstrously huge) through Amazon with free shipping plus 28% off (!!), and we’ll use credit card points to pay for it, so it’s kind of like getting it for free.  I’ve been hitting the resales, consignment stores, and thrift shops, looking at the baby clothes and trying to pick up what I think I’ll need.  But really, how many clothes does a baby need? How many times will I have to change her clothes in a single day?  Better yet, how much laundry will we have to do each day or week??

Try as I might though, I can’t sell cloth diapers to Ryan or my mom (who thinks it’s like the cloth diapers of yesteryear).

My mom & I will be making the crib skirt and some of the linens for the baby room.  I can’t stand the bedding and fabrics I’ve seen at the baby stores and online (too matchy-matchy, too cutesy and outrageously priced), so I found some tasteful fabrics in soft blues and pinks instead that are more my taste.

It sounds like we’ve done a lot, but there’s still so much more!  I’ve yet to look at that breast feeding pump that a friend is loaning me.  Baby basics 101 is tonight, and Ryan is bound to divorce me when he realizes how little I know about babies (I think I’ve only held a baby 5 times in my life; twice as an adult, with a ‘family’ member saying “please don’t drop my baby”).  Tomorrow night is a breastfeeding class.  Next month is the 2-day childbirth class.

That’s enough baby news for now…Maybe next time I’ll write down for prosperity sake about how the manager of the baby store now knows who I am due to an unsightly crying episode that involved selecting a car seat.  Here’s what will probably the one and only set of belly pictures…

Halloween. It’s probably not a good costume if you have to explain that he’s a farmer who plants peas and that I’m a pea pod with a pea…

she certainly looks happy

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