“You’ve Gotten Big!”

Those were the first words my mom said to me when she saw me for Thanksgiving (granted, the full quote is, “You’ve gotten big(ger?) since the last time we saw you!”-which was only about 2 weeks prior).

Yup-suddenly I have exploded and gone from bump to full on parasitic appendage that prevents me from easily getting up and getting comfortable.  Not that I’ve been comfortable really at all, but I’ve gone from being kind of uncomfortable to nearly passing out at my ultrasound (I basically missed the whole thing because they had to do the entire scan with me turned on my left side).

At the 29 week ultrasound, the baby was still hanging out in the 20th percentile (she was at the 20th percentile at the 26 week appointment).  I found this kind of low (who wants to be in the 20th percentile?), but one of the docs (at MFM) assured me that, with my size, I did not want a baby in the 90th percentile.  Point taken.

But either the baby did not get that memo, or those stressful weeks of school that only allowed me to get to the gym once or twice a week made had it’s own effect, because in 5 weeks time this baby went from 20th to 50th percentile.


Things are looking good though.  Especially my fluid levels, which I think is directly related to my ability to hydrate like a camel.  (Oddly enough, I’ve always joked that I drink like a camel, but I never actually thought I would look like a camel on 2 legs, complete with appendage like hump.)

This past week’s appointment (with the regular ob/gyn) nearly sealed the deal for a planned C-section.  Which is ok with me-I’ve always had a very true fear of childbirth, and watching women labor was absolutely agonizing for me during my L&D clinical (observing a leg amputation in the OR and a C-section in L&D was no biggie, but watching a woman deliver naturally?  I had to start bending my knees to prevent ending up on the floor).  Funny, they say nearly 1/3 of women have C-sections, but I only know one person who has had a c-section and it was emergent, not planned.  So oddly enough, I don’t have anyone I can really talk to about a planned c-section and the recovery.

But since finding all this out, it got me thinking.  Why are women so hell-bent on having a natural (by natural I mean vaginal) delivery?  At our ‘breathing & relaxation’ class, most of them women taking the class were “…adamant about having a natural delivery” and upset that “…labor basics only focused on pushing epidurals and c-sections” (I took labor basics and did not get that impression).  I’ve never felt the desire-or need-to have a ‘natural/vaginal delivery.’  So when people tell me, “I was in labor for 26 hours!” or “I was determined to deliver naturally, even against my doctor’s wishes,” I can’t help but wonder why…

Are they trying to prove themselves?  Is there some club out there for women who delivery naturally?

When you become pregnant, everyone tells you how awful everything is (pregnancy, labor, breast feeding).  Considering how for the past 8+ months I’ve heard horror story after horror story, from those with and without kids, it’s rather impressive that I’m surrounded by families with 2-4 kids.  I’ve only had one friend who had a fast easy, uncomplicated delivery (either that or she knows better than to scare the shit out of me).  At my baby shower, one of the spouses brought her 14 year old daughter who, following the shower said to her mother, “Mom, you must have scared her!  I’m scared and I’m not pregnant!”

Why do women do this to each other?  Are they trying to prepare you for the worst while you hope for the best?  If you’re like me you  start to prepare and fear for the worst.

So far I haven’t told many people about the change in delivery plans.  But I’m sure when I do, the dull glazed look and polite head nod will make yet another appearance.

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One Response to “You’ve Gotten Big!”

  1. Liz says:

    I had a planned C-Section! Ella was breach, so at 38.5 weeks they wheeled me in there, and just a few minutes later she was here. So I never went in to labor, it was always planned. Recovery was 6 weeks of no driving, the first week was definitely the hardest – pain and movement wise – but surprisingly you heal pretty quickly (I think it’s the fact that there’s another human being that NEEDS you and you can’t just sit there and take your sweet time healing). 6 and a half years later, I still get a pain where the incision is when I sneeze, which I think is funny.

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