18 Days

That’s all there is between me, insanity, and a completely new, foreign life.

I feel like I should be doing SOMETHING to get ready.  I should be get a head start on a probable 15 page paper I’m going to have to write.  I should study the material for next semester….if I only knew what that material was going to be.

I should pack a hospital bag….if I only knew what to pack.  So far I have underwear, shower flip flops, a towel, and a baby book.  My pajamas are in the wash.  I know I need socks and slippers.  And toiletries…but I’m using my toiletries right now (and planning on it for the next 18 days)…although I guess I could pack some shampoo & conditioner, etc.  I haven’t picked a baby outfit yet, but really, if I’m going to be spending 3 or 4 days in the hospital, I figure Ryan can always run home and pick up an outfit.  He’ll need to have something to do during that time!  And the poor girl is being born in January!  She’ll be covered in blankets and hats!

Can you tell I’m still in disbelief over all this?

I keep begging Ryan to massage my ankles because there’s some pressure points in that area that *supposedly* can bring on labor.  Except his version of an ankle massage is more like ankle petting and playing footsie under the sheets.

I really am curious to see this little baby, although I’m still scared of holding them (babies)…and felt very uncomfortable holding a friend’s 10 day old baby boy recently (“please, just let me sit on the sofa to hold him,” I pleaded).

Last night the baby got the hiccups (I presume) for the first time.  A continuous flutter thumping for about 10 minutes.  Kind of concerning….but it made me realize that I probably haven’t had the hiccups at all the past 37 weeks (score?).

I bought a couple of nursing bras and a pair of nursing pajamas (who knew that was needed….or is it?).  What more to get??? Belly band?  Hip Shrinkers?  Is this stuff for real??

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