18 Days

In the next 18 days I need to…

  • complete 60 hours of clinical
  • complete 6 clinical reflection logs
  • get my hair cut
  • participate (twice) in the online class discussion board
  • complete a 6-8 page paper on a needs based assessment and education project with presentation
  • get ready for the movers
  • have the house packed up
  • participate in an hour long web-based class discussion chat (oh, and read the two corresponding articles)
  • complete a peer assessment/critique of the discussion chat
  • have the house packed onto the truck
  • try and reschedule Colette’s pediatrician appointment, otherwise, I’ll possibly miss the movers moving us into the new place
  • did I mention that I have to move into the new place?  we still don’t know if we’ll have a direct delivery yet!
  • return to philadelphia for the last day of class/presentation
  • find my sanity
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