Is there anybody out there?

Smokes Galore!  It’s been well over a year since last logging in…and once again, time seems to be the omnipresent enemy.

There’s so much I should be doing right now:  reading and sorting journal articles for a work project.  getting the house in order.  carefully reading a work email.  Going for a run.  Planning Colette’s 2nd birthday.

2nd birthday you say?  How did that happen?

At nearly 2 she’s becoming quite the fun little chica.  “Mommy, COME!”  “Sit on bottom!”  “Oh shoot!”(oops…better than a choice 4 letter word I suppose).  “Read books”  (not sure if she’s asking or demanding…)  Yesterday she was playing with my hair and pretending to wash my face.  Today she was whisking crayons while I cooked dinner.

It’s been an interesting 33 months (9 months + 2 years).  School while pregnant.  Working on school work while in the hospital with the baby.  Focusing on school work with a baby.  Moving.  Then finding work in a field and job that I never thought would ever materialize.

The job.  It’s a steep learning curve: partly because I’m new to the role, partly because of the dynamics at the hospital.  Despite going to school for the exact job I applied for, I never adequately prepared myself to work in a position that was so close-and in some ways so far away- from senior leadership.  It’s frustrating and fascinating all at the same time.

More on all that another time….it’s laundry time.

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